Edition 15 of Melbourne Milieu celebrates one of Melbourne’s most important art institutions and one of the years most exciting exhibitions, the Centre for Contemporary Photography’s 2022 Summer Salon.

Print Edition 15, 2022 CCP Summer Salon

Daily Rituals explores the intricacies and oddities of everyday life—from the way we rest our toothbrush on the bathroom countertop, to the spills and splatters that mark a busy day.

Daily Rituals by Lauren Bamford and Sarah Pritchard

From food stems the rituals and idiosyncrasies that make up the fabric of our being. The Art in Hospitality uses food as the stimulus to explore the minds of artists and creatives—because from food comes everything: necessity, nourishment, culture, ritual, connection and delight.

The Art in Hospitality: Brent Harris and Andrew Browne

States of Disruption, presented by CCP, investigates the destabilisation of the image and the self in the post-truth age, through the catalyst of photography in the ‘now’. The exhibition charts the fragility of the assumptions that our reality is predicated upon, and amplifies an array of voices: from the wary and questioning to the comic and exultant.

CCP: States of Disruption

John Gollings is one of Australia's most established photographers. Site Unseen sees John explore artful compositions and visual stimuli to prompt viewers to a clear understanding of the form and stylistic attitude.

Interview with John Gollings for CCP Site Unseen

Ying Ang is a Melbourne-based storyteller who explores how photographs are an abstraction of reality. For Site Unseen, Ying prompts viewers to ponder the power of a photographer's perspective and "decisive moment".

Interview with Ying Ang for CCP Site Unseen

Mengzhu Jiang is a trained architect and photographer who works as a designer in New York. Site Unseen sees Mengzhu explore how architecture as a subject can be an unconscious reflection of our feelings at a point in time.

Interview with Mengzhu Jiang for CCP Site Unseen

Brooke is an Australian-American photographer based in New York. Site Unseen sees Brooke using lingering light, at the witching hour to capture Donald Judd's Marfa, Texas during a time of global uncertainty.

Interview with Brooke Holm for CCP Site Unseen

Morgan Hickinbotham is an Australian composer, producer and image maker who works within the mediums of sound, image and motion picture.

Interview with Morgan Hickinbotham for CCP Site Unseen

CCP presents Site Unseen—a group exhibition of architectural photography. Curated by photographer Tom Ross and supported by Milieu, the exhibition sees 16 photographers explore the potential that is unlocked when architecture is viewed as subject rather than object.

CCP: Site Unseen supported by Milieu

PHOTO 2022: Paul Mpaghi Sepuya reveals the dynamics and mechanics of portraiture and photographing, positioning queerness and Blackness at the core of the medium.

PHOTO 2022: Paul Mpagi Sepuya

To celebrate ten years of Milieu, we warmly invite you to our exhibition.
2010—onwards: A decade of creative development

2010—onwards: A decade of creative development

Congress Garganega, 2021
Created in partnership with Mac Forbes. Artwork by Brent Harris, To the forest, 1999

Congress Garganega, 2021

Tamara Maynes talks to her rural childhood that led to a diverse career in design and making.

2010—onwards: Interview with Tamara Maynes

Queering the Frame: Community, Time, Photography, presented by CCP as part of PHOTO 2022 considers how the community narrate their histories—how voices are celebrated, and how the queer community shift otherwise heteronormative readings of history and information.

PHOTO 2022: Queering the Frame: Community, Time, Photography

We talk with Abdé Nouamani from Another Bureau of Design on how forms and materials of the built environment inspire his work and his upcoming exhibitions in New York and Milan.

2010—onwards: Interview with Abdé Nouamani

Erez Ben-Or talks to his supportive parents who supported his creative pursuits and how his interest in architecture, the built environment and love of science fiction converge through his use of clay.

2010—onwards: Interview with Erez Ben-Or

We sit down with Grace from Oh Hey Grace to chat through her shift from fashion design to ceramics, the feelings she hopes to evoke in people who view her work and how teaching primary school students spark her creativity.

2010—onwards: Interview with Grace Brown

CCP: Considered Environment: the Photobooks of Yukio Tabuchi and Camera Mainichi

CCP: Considered Environment: the Photobooks of Yukio Tabuchi and Camera Mainichi

We, Us, Them: CCP x Belfast Exposed

We, Us, Them: CCP x Belfast Exposed

We sit down with Ayman Kaake, winner of the Brunswick Street Gallery 2022 Small Works Art Prize and discuss the impact of social media when creating, sharing and viewing work and the importance of both people and place

Interview with Ayman Kaake for 2021 ILFORD CCP Salon

Zoe Kimpton talks to us about the story behind her photograph Reservations and how her passion for styling coupled with vintage clothing and objects inspire her to take photos

Interview with Zoe Kimpton for 2021 ILFORD CCP Salon

Melbourne based photographer Paul Marsland talks through artists that inspire him and why he prefers medium and large format cameras

Interview with Paul Marsland for 2021 ILFORD CCP Salon

We talk to Panisa Ongwat about how her Thai heritage inspires her and how everyday moments that are often overlooked are the most fascinating ones to capture

Interview with Panisa Ongwat for 2021 ILFORD CCP Salon

Melbourne based photographer Jana Langhorst chats about why everyday objects can be interpreted so many ways and what makes the influence of place so important

Interview with Jana Langhorst for 2021 ILFORD Salon 2021

Multidisciplinary artist Laura Banfield discusses the story behind her submitted works, how the body, material culture and dance influence her work

Interview with Laura Banfield for 2021 ILFORD CCP Salon

We talk with photographer Claudia Pharès about the story behind her piece Motherwork and why the influence of people is stronger than the influence of place

Interview with Claudia Phares for 2021 ILFORD CCP Salon

Lidia Di Lallo talks to the power of social media and why she would quiz Ansel Adams on how technology has changed photography

Interview with Lidia Di Lallo for 2021 ILFORD CCP Salon

We talk with Kane Alexander and learn what inspires him and what mechanical cameras he has loaded and in current use

Interview with Kane Alexander for 2021 ILFORD CCP Salon

Christopher Allery chats about what ignited his fascination with the dark, how Instagram can be a powerful tool and what he would ask American photographer Gregory Crewdson

Interview with Christopher Allery for 2021 ILFORD CCP Salon

Brigid Cara Reid discusses the story behind her works, what inspires her to take photos and the camera she uses

Interview with Brigid Cara Reid for 2021 ILFORD CCP Salon

Acting as the ultimate proof sheet, the tenth edition showcases entrants work for the 2021 ILFORD CCP Salon as selected by Adam Harding, Director of the Centre for Contemporary Photography

Print Edition 10, 2021 ILFORD CCP Salon

In this edition, we showcase the work of Louis Porter, a photographer who blends the dreamy and idealistic qualities of the Australian landscape with touches of humour

Print Edition 4, The Royal Melbourne Show

Scottie Cameron explores an imagined future, where we don’t throw things away, rather recycle and focus on defying gravity with collective thought

Print Edition 5, The Year 2084

The sixth edition showcases entrants’ work for the 2018 ILFORD CCP Salon, as selected by Adam Harding, Director of the Centre for Contemporary Photography. Against the sea of images that float, glow and then disappear around us every day, Salon is about the enduring presence of the printed image, and the conversations engendered and inspired by images that recognise difference and embrace our shared experiences

Print Edition 6, 2018 ILFORD CCP Salon

Since purchasing his light-flooded, one-bedroom apartment from Neometro in 2003, Isidore has redefined the very definition of ‘home'

Buy Once, Buy Well

A short film by Coco & Maximilian that explores movement in Melbourne

Movement (Part 2 of 3)

The eighth edition showcases works from the 2019 ILFORD CCP Salon, as selected by the team at the Centre for Contemporary Photography. In contrast to the ever-present digital deluge, where images vie for our attention only to swiftly disappear, CCP Salon is a celebration of print, its enduring presence, and the breadth of conversation that the medium elicits

Print Edition 8, 2019 ILFORD CCP Salon

The seventh edition explores some recent works by local artist David Wadelton. Long admired for his documentation of the ever-changing face of Melbourne, David’s book, Suburban Baroque, is a striking collection that speaks to the city’s post-war identity, and cultural, architectural and socio-economic history

Print Edition 7, Suburban Baroque

Euan Heng is a Scottish born artist based in Melbourne since 1977. His work is an exploration of the things he has seen, heard or remembered

A World of Abstractions with Euan Heng

What do avocadoes, almond milk and watermelon juice all have in common? Aside from being breakfast ingredient royalty, without the activity of our wee mates Apis mellifera, they’d actually be kaput

Breesey Bees with Honey Fingers

Marsha Golemac's images create a powerful sense of intrigue and their composition is structured in an almost architectural way. We sit down on her couch to talk about growing up in the country, why collaboration is important and what being an artist means

Still Life with Marsha Golemac

A short film by Coco & Maximilian that examines the seen and unseen

Seen Unseen (Part 3 of 3)

Talented local photographers Dan Hocking and Brooke Holm take inspiration from Melbourne’s architecture and landscapes. In this photo essay they capture the quality of Melbourne’s spaces in their natural and made forms. Dan explores the inner city while Brooke takes us to the city limits

Print Edition 2, the Inner City and City Limit

Edition Office is an architectural studio established last year by Aaron Roberts and Kim Bridgland, both formerly of Room 11 Melbourne. Their work is an exploration of dissonant and sympathetic relationships with the landscape, the site, their clients and most importantly, themselves

Sites and Modifiers with Edition Office

A short film by Coco & Maximilian that documents the cities unique palette

Palette (Part 1 of 3)

With an emphasis on honest, original and eco-friendly design, Hub has managed to achieve what most furniture stores in Melbourne have failed to do… remain authentic

The Found Object with Jaci Foti-Lowe

It’s dawn on a summer morning and the scent of eucalyptus is carried by a lazy, warm breeze. Waist-high grasses gruffly tickle bare legs on your walk to Merri Creek in search of food. In the mood for a feast, you’re off to get your forage on. Fish, mussels and yabbies, duck eggs and nutritious yam daisy beckon, pulled straight from the banks of the crisp, clear burbling creek

Natives with MALA

Tom Blachford and Kate Ballis provide their unique view of the city, ranging from the up close and personal to the far and wide

Print Edition 1, Near and Far

In this edition we explore Melbourne, past and present, by juxtaposing the iconoclastic figure, Wolfgang Sievers AO, with the emerging talent, Bernsy. Through different lenses and in different eras, these two photographers were inspired by Melbourne’s urban and industrial landscapes. But where Bernsy takes a particular interest in the mundane, commonplace, and often overlooked, Sievers’ photographs are infused with a sense of dignity and theatricality

Print Edition 3, Past and Present

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