Daily Rituals by Lauren Bamford and Sarah Pritchard

Photography by Lauren Bamford
Art Direction and Styling by Sarah Pritchard
Creative Direction by Studio Hi Ho

Daily Rituals explores the intricacies and oddities of everyday life—from the way we rest our toothbrush on the bathroom countertop, to the spills and splatters that mark a busy day.

A photo essay by photographer Lauren Bamford and creative director and stylist Sarah Pritchard, that pokes fun at the strange and quotidian moments that make us human, reminding us that it’s the small details and entanglements in our lives that make them fascinating.

Photographer, Lauren Bamford, has an eye for complex composition, texture and a dash of humour. Lauren focuses on the genres of still life and documentary, allowing her to work within the worlds of editorial, commercial and fine art. Growing up on Australia’s east coast, Lauren immersed herself in the local music scene, documenting it over many years, and hand developing and printing in a home darkroom. Lauren has perfected her own formula for creating different intensities and temperatures of light, which evoke a connection to time and place.

Sarah Pritchard is an Australian born stylist and creative director who works seamlessly across multiple disciplines. Drawing from her background in Visual Communications, she works with thoughtfulness and a meticulous eye for detail. Often playful and humorous in her approach, she presents an unexpected perspective; linking ideas between art, film, music and fashion.

Lauren and Sarah first connected via Instagram and have since created a diverse and distinctive body of work that harmonises a cross-section of subjects. A day at the studio with Lauren and Sarah may include a scorpion, a ewe, sea urchins, challah, luxury cosmetics or artisanal creations by local makers. Whatever the subject and brief, Lauren and Sarah continue to present fresh perspectives in the genre of still life.

To complement the photo essay, Lauren and Sarah translate their subconscious responses to Daily Rituals by playing a word association game together.

Sarah to Lauren

Early — Late
Snooze — Hit it
Coffee — Addicted
Egg — Everyday
Hair — Brush
Lost — Panic
Day — Night
Dress — Jeans
Work — Grind
Late — Anxiety

Lauren to Sarah

Alarm Clock — Snooze
Dream — Awake
Cuppa — Tea
Toast — Jam
Phone — Case
Night — Walk
Home — Alone
Trousers — Suit
Photo Shoot — Lights
On-time — Never

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