Interview with Lidia Di Lallo for 2021 ILFORD CCP Salon

Photography by Lidia Di Lallo

Lidia is a Melbourne based photographer whose passion for the arts stems from a childhood immersed in creativity. The recipient of the two AIPP Silver Awards for both Illustrative and Family designs, Lidia's passion is capturing natural and beautiful moments.

Baby Eucalyptus Branches (2020)

What's your name and background?

Lidia Di Lallo: My name is Lidia Di Lallo I’m a born and raised Melbournian to Italian migrant parents. I have always been surrounded by creative people. One of my father’s hobbies was photography and my sister did a lot of art as I was growing up.

Is this the first time you have participated in Salon, and what is the story behind your submitted works?

LD: This is my fourth time entering CCP Salon. My work this year is all about capturing the simplicity of natural light. Creating beauty and igniting a feeling with everyday flora that people so often overlook.

What inspires you to take photos?

LD: I like bringing a unique perspective on how I view the world, even the simplest things that people see as ordinary, and take for granted. I enjoy putting focus on the common beauty that surrounds us.


How do you prefer to shoot and using what genre of instrument?

LD: While I do love and enjoy film, I mainly shoot digital using my Canon Mark 5D II or in some cases, my phone is all I have with me.

Has your use of social media changed or influenced the way that you create, share and view your work?

LD: Social media has made me appreciate my natural style of photography, capturing things as they are with minimal editing. Although it makes me feel a bit unsettled at times. Social media is like fast fashion, you need to post frequently, or you will lose followers, visibility, and you may be left behind. You don’t always have enough time to create what you want, it's "what will generate a lot of likes and views".

Cranberries (2019)

Which is stronger to you the influence of people or the influence of place?

LD: Influence of place. As with previous answers, one of my biggest passions is looking around a location and finding out what’s inspiring and beautiful to me beyond first glance.

If you could quiz one photographer about their method, who would it be?

LD: How Ansel Adams would feel about technology now being advanced and common enough to do his printing and development process of push-and-pull, dodging and burning digitally with a click of a mouse. Would he support it on an environmental scale or against it as it is no longer following traditional methods and arguably requires less effort?

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