Print Edition 3, Past and Present

Photography by Wolfgang Sievers and Bernsy
Design by Studio Hi Ho

Welcome to the third edition of Melbourne Milieu, a broadsheet that looks at our city from new vantage points. In this issue we explore Melbourne, past and present, by juxtaposing the iconoclastic figure, Wolfgang Sievers AO, with the emerging talent, Bernsy.

Through different lenses and in different eras, these two photographers were inspired by Melbourne’s urban and industrial landscapes. But where Bernsy takes a particular interest in the mundane, commonplace, and often overlooked, Sievers’ photographs are infused with a sense of dignity and theatricality.

Intermission is provided by a crossword celebrating the king of the urban jungle, the dog. We believe a contemporary and liveable city has room for both people and pets, which is why Milieu builds homes that offer spaces for all members of a household. Urban, industrial, sustainable and pet friendly — it’s all part of Melbourne’s new mixed breed of architecture and landscape.

This edition of Melbourne Milieu was printed and distributed in November 2016. To stay up-to-date with Melbourne Milieu subscribe below or email to request a copy of the latest edition.

Wolfgang Sievers images supplied by the Pictures Collection, State Library of Victoria. Bernsy images supplied by the photographer (@_bernsy).

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