Print Edition 6, 2018 ILFORD CCP Salon

All images © the Artists
Design by Studio Hi Ho

The sixth edition showcases entrants’ work for the 2018 ILFORD CCP Salon, as selected by Adam Harding, Director of the Centre for Contemporary Photography. Against the sea of images that float, glow and then disappear around us every day, Salon is about the enduring presence of the printed image, and the conversations engendered and inspired by images that recognise difference and embrace our shared experiences.

Salon encourages the social experience of visiting a gallery and engaging with images in real time and real space with friends, family and colleagues. It is also a wonderful place to commence collecting contemporary photography.

The 2018 ILFORD CCP Salon ran from 7 to 22 December, 2018 at 404 George Street, Fitzroy. Milieu are proud to provide on-going support to CCP.

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