CCP: States of Disruption

States of Disruption installation view, Centre for Contemporary Photography, 2022. Documentation by Hannah Nikkelson.
Text from CCP.

States of Disruption, presented by CCP, investigates the destabilisation of the image and the self in the post-truth age, through the catalyst of photography in the ‘now’.

The exhibition brought together twelve artists to work through screen and photographic practices against the background of the vast social, cultural and economic disruptions that have occurred over the last two years.

States of Disruption charts the fragility of the assumptions that our reality is predicated upon, and amplifies an array of voices: from the wary and questioning to the comic and exultant.

Mishka Henner, Kensuke Koike, Krerkburin Kerngburi, Anouk Kruithof, Danny Lyons, Ali McCann, Kent Morris, Rebecca Najdowski, Tommaso Nervegna-Reed, Izabela Pluta, Aaron Christopher Rees, Danae Valenza.

Statues of Disruption ran from August 13—9 October 2022 at the Centre for Contemporary Photography, 404 George Street, Fitzroy.

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