Print Edition 7, Suburban Baroque

Photography by David Wadelton
Design by Studio Hi Ho

Welcome to Melbourne Milieu, an exploration of the places and spaces that link our city’s people, character and culture. The seventh edition explores some recent works by local artist David Wadelton. Long admired for his documentation of the ever-changing face of Melbourne, David’s forthcoming book, Suburban Baroque, is a striking collection that speaks to the city’s post-war identity, and cultural, architectural and socio-economic history.

Depicting spaces that feel at once familiar yet unreal, David’s recent work explores the formerly-ubiquitous materials and decor of the 20th century—the various everyday things—that have since fallen from favour. With human subjects notably absent, the rooms depicted are laden with pathos, nostalgia and at times humour.

This edition of Melbourne Milieu was printed and distributed in August 2019 with the assistance of CCP. To stay up-to-date with Melbourne Milieu subscribe below or email to request a copy of the latest edition.

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