Print Edition 2, the Inner City and City Limit

Photography by Dan Hocking and Brooke Holm
Design by Studio Hi Ho

Talented local photographers Dan Hocking and Brooke Holm take inspiration from Melbourne’s architecture and landscapes. In this photo essay they capture the quality of Melbourne’s spaces in their natural and made forms. Dan explores the inner city while Brooke takes us to the city limits.

Accompanying the photos are the musings of architect Ben Edwards. He discusses the difference between the ubiquitous glossy images that saturate our lives and the sensory experience of actually occupying a home.

This essay is part of a series of open discussions designed to generate useful conversations about our built environment.

This edition of Melbourne Milieu was printed and distributed in March 2016. To stay up-to-date with Melbourne Milieu subscribe below or email to request a copy of the latest edition.

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