Environments by Dale Bordin

Re-culturing from culinary and Japanese cultures, this commission for Future Future commenced with the collecting and sourcing of found footage from 90s Japanese TV, molecular gastronomy, agriculture and permaculture, through to sampling imagery from the Future Future online feeds.

In this process of re-culturing, the collected material used as the raw ingredients is pulled apart, and deconstructed, very slowly, pushing each micro, each detail, into new forms of materiality, exposing the formatting of these raw materials as a new textural palette, forming a post ecosystem of visual ASMR and synesthesia—evoking goosebumps on the senses.

Working in design and creative direction since 2010, Dale expanded their practice in 2016, exploring internal narratives for artistic inquiry. This broadened creative practice has allowed Dale to occupy many spaces for internal and external inquiries, from working with clients across branding and design, to collaborating with friends on wonderfully various projects, and developing an art practice that explores actual and virtual spaces to develop sculpture, installation, new-media and writing – central to this creative practice is the possibility of ideas, or conceptual Narratives, that begin by questioning Relationships, in both the lived/physical context as an adaptive method for creation and the possibilities of contextualisation through conceptual research, thinking and production.

They have an innate interest in how things change [forever], and through this process of change experience our layering of time, creating a curiosity that split into a million different pathways, leading to a million different interests, and a creative practice that continues to be as traversed as it is exploratory.

Finding that their ethos is not fixed to conventions of specialisation in a singular form, but led by a wanting to experience, learn and grow new ideas, in as many places as possible. They strive to find a place that is both childish in naïvety, and refined in creative sensibility, because we all made this stuff up as we went along anyway, we just haven’t stopped to question that truth. our funny paradox of contradictions are alive and well.

Born in Launceston, raised in Melbourne and residing in Paris, Dale loves long contemplative walks, reading by la Seine, doom scrolling on social media, refined sugar and the deep confusion of irony.

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