PHOTO 2022: Queering the Frame: Community, Time, Photography

'Queering the Frame: Community, Time, Photography' installation view, Centre for Contemporary Photography, 2022. Documentation by J Forsyth.
Text from CCP.

The Centre for Contemporary Photography presents Queering the Frame: Community, Time, Photography. Showcasing Australian LGBTQ+ artists across generations, the exhibition considers how the community narrate their histories—how voices are celebrated, and how the queer community shift otherwise heteronormative readings of history and information.

Moving across generations, from the 70s through to now, artists come together in a celebration of queer community and consider the ways in which stories are passed down, and how lives are remembered.

From Amazon Acres, a female-only commune of the 70s and 80s, to capturing moments of queer Indigenous joy in the 90s and portraits of contemporary queer bodies, the exhibition reflects on the impact and ongoing importance of queer ancestors and connections across generations.

Milieu is proud to support the Centre for Contemporary Photography. PHOTO 2022 Being Human exhibited from 29 April—22 May. Visit for more information on current and upcoming exhibitions.

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