2010—onwards: A decade of creative development

Photography by Pier Carthew

To celebrate ten years of Milieu, we warmly invite you to our exhibition.
2010—onwards: A decade of creative development

Open 30 May—11 June at our Otter Place exhibition space
(8 Otter Street, Collingwood)

Monday to Thursday 12pm—2pm
Saturdays 1—3pm

Pier Carthew (2022)

Milieu, by definition, refers to the space or environment in which one lives or is influenced by. As a company, we've long been influenced by our environment, and we're guided by a belief that our homes, neighbourhoods and surroundings aren’t merely observed, but are felt.

Housed within our Otter Place exhibition space, curated by Marsha Golemac, six local artists have captured our built work in a variety of mediums.

Artists include:
Abdé Nouamani (Another Bureau of Design)
Erez Ben-Or (Ebo Ceramics)
Fabio Agostini
Grace Brown (Oh Hey Grace)
Make Models
Tamara Maynes

Pier Carthew (2022)

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