2010—onwards: Interview with Abdé Nouamani

Photography by Pier Carthew
Models by Abdé Nouamani
Styling by Stefanie Breschi

Another Bureau of Design, led by Abdé Nouamani is a Melbourne-based studio working across furniture, lighting and object design. The studio utilises both industrial and handmade production techniques to create design objects informed by the aesthetics of the built environment. Working primarily with wood, metal and clay, Abde explores the inherent qualities of these materials to create functional forms that are at once curious and familiar.

1 Bedford Street

Peel by Milieu

Hello, what is your name, background and how did you end up doing what you do?

Abdé Nouamani: Hi! My name is Abdé, I’m a Moroccan born and Melbourne based designer. I first studied Engineering in Madrid but after a few years realised it wasn’t for me and decided to move to Australia to pursue Design.

My design education started with an Associate degree in Furniture Design and continued with an Industrial Design degree. Fast forward a few years and here we are.

What is your connection to the materials you work with, what do they do for you that others don’t?

AN: I mainly use timber, metals and clay to produce furniture and objects. I like to use these materials because of the infinite finishing possibilities they have.
I’ve always been fascinated by patina treatments that can be applied to metals to get different colours and textures. Similar things can be done with ceramics as each glaze will completely change the look of a vessel.

Abdé Nouamani

Is there a recurring theme in your work?

AN: It might not be a theme per se but my work is very much inspired by the forms and materials of the built environment.

When you hear ‘trust the process’ what comes to mind?

AN: It somehow reminds me of something my dad or my mum (most likely both) used to tell me when I was a kid, “Ne brûle pas les étapes” which pretty much translates to ‘’Don’t burn the steps”.
I used to (and probably still do) aim to get results or wrap things up as fast as possible but sometimes there is a process, a series of steps you need to take or follow in order to get results.

If you could be reminded of something every day, what would it be?

AN: This relates to the previous question. I’d probably need to be reminded that I can’t do everything in a single day. I have a tendency to try to cram too many things in one day.

What else are you involved with that we might not know about?

AN: I’m currently exhibiting some of my furniture as part of Sized’s inaugural exhibition in New York. The exhibition is called Industrialism and will run from May 19th through to May 28th.
I’m also a designer at Volker Haug Studio and we’re very much looking forward to presenting our latest collection in a few weeks in Milan.

Barry Street

Abdé made 1 Bedford Street, Peel by Milieu, Nth Fitzroy by Milieu, Barry Street and Brunswick East by Milieu for our exhibition 2010—onwards: A decade of creative development.

For more of Abdé's work visit and to view his collection visit or follow Abde on Instagram.

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