Print Edition 5, The Year 2084

Photography by Scottie Cameron
Design by Studio Hi Ho

For this fifth edition, we worked with Melbourne-born, Los Angeles-based photographer Scottie Cameron. A provocateur of the still-life genre, Scottie tells stories via intriguing images that demand a second take. His self-described cynical optimism is rendered in depictions of false truths and oxymoronic narratives, through an ever-curious, travelling lens.

An extension of a recent project, The Year 2084, this series continues Scottie’s whimsical interrogation of a future in which humanity ‘got it together’. Through collective creativity, we’ve overcome oil dependency and gravitational forces to develop carbon-neutral hover cars. Far from a slick-edged, futuristic ideal, these images predict a seemingly familiar moment in time: the everyday condition of being surrounded by profound technological developments.

This edition of Melbourne Milieu was printed and distributed in April 2018. To stay up-to-date with Melbourne Milieu subscribe below or email to request a copy of the latest edition.

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